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Cricut has Rhinestones?

Cricut Has Rhinestones? Have  you been waiting for Cricut to bring in some rhinestone?  Well they sorta did they have released Holographic mosaic circles Iron on! It looks just like rhinestones I have made some tutorials over on my Youtube to show you how easy it is to use. Cricut also released mosaic squares in metallic and everyday iron on that are a ton of fun you could do some really cool plaid looks that are super popular right now. Both the squares and circles are also available in vinyl. You can get them in holographic, metallic, premium and even shapes. Here are two videos I have done so far with the circles and squares. This look was created using a square and the word boo! I found all three of these designs in images they are free for access members. I sliced and welded them to make them work for me. Here is the Design Space File     Links Holographic Sparkle Iron-On Mosaic Circles Everyday Iron-On™ Mosaic Squares Metallic Iron-On Mosaic Squa