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Cricut Infusible Ink is a special ink that when combined with heat turns into a gas that becomes one with the polyester. Basically it's science it turns from a solid to a gas pretty cool right?
You can get it in sheets, Pens or Markers.


It will outlast the blank you put it on. once you press the design onto the compatible blank it will not fade, crack or peel. 


Cricut has created some product's (Blanks) that are compatible with Infusible Ink such as shirts, totes and coasters. Just look for the sticker that says compatible with Cricut Infusible Ink.


Using the Heat Guide  on Cricut will give you the perfect heat settings, supplies and preparation, applications instructions as well as the after care instructions for each blank. 


Cricut Explore or Maker 
Machine mat ( I like the Green)
Laser Copy Paper (If using the pens or markers)


Here are two super easy projects to get you started 

To see a more step by step tutorial check on my video .

The blanks I used for these projects are a mens small Cricut T-shirt and Round Coasters.

The fun part deciding on the Infusible Ink transfer sheets you want to use Cricut has quite a variety from solids to patterns that include 2-4 sheets of Infusible Ink in each box.

The Infusible Ink transfer sheets that I chose to use are from left to right Cottage rose, Leopard and black.

One thing you will note is the sheets look lighter than what's on the packaging. No worries the magic happens when you apply heat. The color will come alive and look more vibrant just like what's on the packaging.

Now that we have our blanks and Infusible Ink we are ready. Yay!!

Here is the Cricut Design Space File that I used. 
Make sure you mirror your image in Cricut Design Space.

Place your Infusible Ink transfer sheet face up on the mat and use your fine point blade. You're now ready to cut out your design. I used the Cricut Maker its my go to cutting machine its so versatile and ready to cut anything from fabric to wood and now Infusible Ink.

 Weed out your pieces with tweezers or your fingers. This stuff is so easy to weed you don't need a weeding tool.

I placed my football pieces in the center of my touchdown design 

Pre heat your Cricut Easypress 2 to 385.  

Cricut has three different sizes 
6x7 great for your smaller projects 
9x9 great for small-larger projects 
12x10 great all your S-XLL projects 

Place your T-shirt on a clean Mat Cricut recommends that if your working with a tote to have two mats. 
Place a piece of white card stock between your t-shirt and mat and one one the inside of the shirt. One is going to protect your mat and one is going to protect the backside of your shirt just in case any ink was to bleed through.

A very important step you do not want to skip is the lint roller. Lint roll your shirt I suggest you go over an area bigger than your easypress 2. 
once your shirt is free of lint take a piece of butcher paper (included with your Infusible Ink transfer sheets) bigger than your easypress and place it on your shirt and press for 15 seconds. Remove the butcher paper let the shirt cool back down.

Now that your shirt is cool you're ready to Infuse it with your transfer sheet. I like to use Cricut's 3x16 Ruler to place my design on my shirt to get it perfect. 
 Here is a sizing and placement guide I have created to make things a little easier for you.

once you have found your perfect placement place your design face down on your T-shirt and then cover it with butcher paper. Slowly place your easypress 2 on top and apply light pressure for 40 seconds. When the timer sounds slowly remove your easypress 2 and the butcher paper. This is a warm peel any tiny pieces left behind can be removed with tweezers of simply shake your shirt.

Just like that your shirt is infused no fading, peeling, or cracking. So much fun right? 
what's really cool is you can combine it with Iron on for an even more fun effect. The picture below you can see I added black glitter vinyl to the shirt on the bottom to give it a little Zazz! You could personalize your own T-shirt with your school mascot to show your support this upcoming football season :) so much fun.


Cut out your design once again here is the file for Cricut Design Space  don't forget to mirror.

I like to use my paper trimmer to cut down the size that I need. The paper trimmer is a huge staple it my craft room from paper to Iron on I use it for everything.

I like to use the Brayer tool to apply my Infusible Ink to the mat to avoid touching as much as possible just in case I have oils on my hands. Do not apply pressure just roll it.

Now that all your pieces are cut out weed them and place the state inside the circle like a puzzle piece. 

Pre heat your Cricut easypress 2 to 400 degrees for 240 seconds.
Place a piece of white cardstock on your easypress mat and then place your coasters on top. Wipe them down with a lint free cloth on the white shiny side.

Place your Cricut ceramic circle coaster upside down on the image (white shiny side facing the image) and secure it with Cricut's Heat transfer tape.

I'm using my 12x10 Cricut easypress 2 so I can press all 4 coasters at one time.
Make sure they are all face down and scoot them all close enough that they all fit under the easypress and place the butcher paper on top. (note if you are using the square coasters the image and coaster should be face up.)

Slowly place your Cricut Easypress 2 on top with no pressure for 240 seconds. Once your timer beeps slowly remove your easypress and butcher paper let the coasters completely cool and then peel off the paper.

Look at how vibrant these look I love the combination of the roses with the leopard print. These will be a huge hit at my next get tougher with friends. You could always personalize them by adding a monogram.

Check out how I took the negative that would have been trash and pressed it on another coaster for a totally different look. The possibility are endless.

I love how everything came out  I hope you will give Cricut Infusible Ink a try its so easy and fun to use. I give it two thumbs up. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below. Happy Crafting!!


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