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Personalized Gift Basket

How To Personalize A Gift Basket

With your Cricut Maker 

Do you need a quick gift? But you want it to look well thought out? 
Or do you need a budget friendly gift that looks like its worth so much more?

Check out my latest Video I show you how to personalize budget friendly items that won't break the bank but will look like they are worth so much more.

Here is a list of Items I used

I used Cricut Design Space to design the names and monograms. The Cursive font is Babette its free for access members If your not an access member I highly recommend it for $9.99 a month you get access to over 75,000 images and fonts you also get 10% off your online orders 

For the monogram I used Monogramos from Dafont its completely free.

I used my Cricut Maker to cut out all my decals. I chose Premium vinyl as well as Glitter Vinyl for my cut settings and used my fine point blade. I love the fact that my Maker can handle my project no matter the difficulty for example It cuts all my vinyl and all my wood projects. I don't need multiple die cutting machines. :) 

You can shop Cricut Home for all your Cricut needs.

Let's talk about this basket! I could not believe I found this for only $8 at Michaels I just love it so much. it was originally $20 but was on sale for half off making it $10 on top of that they currently had a coupon for 20% off your total including sale items making it $8. It was the perfect Basket for the job. I decided to use white Premium vinyl for the front chalk board so it looks like I personalized it with chalk. I adore the way this came out.

 I found this umbrella from Walmart for $3 

Here are a few good ones on amazon that I think would be fun to personalize 

Clear Bubble Umbrella 
Black Umbrella 
Inverted Umbrella 

There are two really good spots to apply your decal one being the strap that keeps the umbrella closed. as you can see I used a cursive font for this one. And the Other being one of the panels in the front of the umbrella I use a circle monogram for this one. You can do one or the other or Both like I did here. I used Permanent Premium Vinyl I allow it to dry for 24 hours before I close it back up to insure my vinyl will hold up.

Who doesn't love a candle?  If you haven't smelled Magnolia Bloom from pier 1 you're missing  out.
 I used permanent Premium Vinyl on the lid of the candle in the color white.

If you don't have a Pier 1 near you 
Check out your local Tj Maxx They always have some great candles as well 

Another favorite candle of mine is Marshmallow Fireside from bath N Body Works.

 This cup is so adorable I love how the font makes it pop.
For this project I used Cricut Glitter Vinyl to personalize it. I highly recommend using Cricut strong transfer tape when it comes so Glitter Vinyl it picks it up like a dream.

I found this 
Mason Jar With Straw at target dollar spot it came in a 2pk for $3

I think these Tumblers on Amazon would make a great choice when creating these baskets.

Can you believe this lamp is only $5.99 at Target?

This was such a fun project I just love the way it came out and the possibility's are endless. I think this would be so cute covered in floral :)

It's perfect for a dorm room!
To see how I created the Circle Monogram Check out my YouTube video Below

last but not least I used my smaller Cricut Easy Press 2 6x7 for Personalizing the towel .
It's such a Perfect size for projects like this .
I set my easypress to 315F for 30sec Cricut recommends that you pre press your item for 5 sec this will pull out any moisture and warm the surface I them pressed the iron on for 30sec then flipped the item over and applied heat for another 15sec on the back of the towel. I did a cold peel.

I think any collage student living in a dorm would love to have a personalized towel.

There is so many affordable items such as these so feel free to switch it up with appropriate gifts for whatever the occasion, Mothers day, Fathers day, Birthday, Graduation (as I did here) etc.
I hope this gives you inspiration for your next project!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog xoxo CrystalAnn

@officialcricut #cricutmade #ad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.
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