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Dollar Tree DIY home decor

    Easy DIY Home Decor Im in the process of remodeling my kitchen so I decided to make some of my decor. I watched a few youtube videos found some Ideas and got to work. I painted my cabinets with white chalk paint and hung wallpaper and painted it green. So I decided to go with lilac and white for my decor. I have found a love for flowers so that shall be my them. This would also be great for making wedding decor. The candle holders  1 fish bowl vase 2 ct pack of votive candle holders 1 candle stick 2 ct pack LED flameless candles all from the dollar tree then your going to need paint if you choose I used Valspar color radiance spray paint You are going to take you 2 fish Bowls put then upside down on cardboard outside and paint them then I took the 2 votive holders and glued both top sides together then glued it to the candle stick holder I used hot glue but E6000 would be better. I then glued that to the candle stick and painted it. on