With in the last month I have signed up for influencer. It’s a place that sends you products to try and give your honest reviews. You can download the app or get online.
So far my first impressions are great I signed up using my Facebook. You can sign up by using your email as well. From there I took a survey about myself of things I use or like. Then next step was to link your accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogger, YouTube ect. The more people you know or the more accounts you link it raises your infuenster score. 
You earn badges by reviewing products and answering questions about stuff you have used or want to know more about. You can create lists such as my monthly favorites. Making the list is so easy you type in the product them add the picture that will include information about the product. 
You will see a spot for snaps and campaigns this is where you take surveys to see if you qualify for a voxbox (box of free goodies to try) if you qualify you will have a campaign when you get the box you do the steps it asks like review the product on websites take photos and add them on your social networks. When you do each step it will unlock the campaign. From what I gather you will get more boxes if you complete all your steps. 
Already I’m in a campaign for the back to cool box. This is supposed to be a getting ready for back to school items. When I get the box in the mail I will do another blog on it. So far I have taken two surveys one for a beauty box and one for a mom box and have not got a response if I will be in those campaign so by now I’m assuming I’m not. But I think for just in a short time to be getting a voxbox is pretty cool. 
Right now my influencer score is 892 it says I’m at the medium reach so we will see how fast this score grows with time asd how it will influence me getting more boxes.
I’m a huge makeup fanatic and own so much that I have done quite a lot of reviews on the products I own as well as answer questions about the stuff. I try to include a picture of each item I review to show I really own it as well as let someone see the true product to help them further decide if they are wanting to try.
I have already opened several badges as well I’m not sure it will help if I unlock them all or if I have to. I’m one that only does reviews of I really like a product. I hardly ever leave a bad one unless I have contacted the company with no help and it’s something everyone should be warned about as just because I didn’t like a smell or something everyone else might like it. I hate seeing negative reviews over a pitty dislike. 
So to sum up my first impression I’m really having fun with this I’m on it every day like it was Facebook. I love interacting with all the people as everyone is so helpful and nice it’s cool to see everyone’s list of ther must haves or favorites. I will write my next blog on my back to cool box and keep you updated with each survey I take to see how many I take and how many boxes I get from taking those surveys. I’m hoping this will help someone figure out how much work is involved to beable to participate. 
Thank you for reading my blog 

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