So I got my very first VoxBox  from influenster this past Friday

Upon opening the box I found a Back 2 School notecard. The notecard has information on all the products in the box such as there social contacts and #'s.

The box contains the following,

  • Two Pilot G2 inkpens one black one blue 
  • Plackers  micro mint 
  • Plackers fruit smoothie swirl
  • Tide purclean honey lavender laundry detergent samples x2
  • A coupon for one free CountryCrock Butter 
  • Two coupons for free Land O Frost Deli Snackers 
  • Three samples of 100% compostable K cups Kauai, ChockFullONuts, and Hills Bro 
It also included $1 off coupons for each of the coffee and $3 off tide purclean for target

So far I have been checking out all the items in going to cash in my coupons today but I have already tried the butter and it's been in my go to for over 20yrs and the Deli snacks my kids already enjoy as an afternoon snack the only thing I wish the Deli snacks also came in turkey as one of my daughters is allergic to chicken and pork and she would love to beable to enjoy these.
I had also already purchased the G2 pens for my kids for back to school supplies they write super smooth.

The plackers  micro mint my husband thought they were a hit as he can put it in his wallet now without it poking through or messing up the pick. We are a huge fan of tooth pics so if he likes them that's a good thing.

Plackers fruit smoothie swirl is a must try for the kiddos mine loved  them. They smell great taste great and get the job done. They have 2 different grips on the handles to fit little fingers and big fingers. They definitely encouraged my kids to want to floss more and that alone is awesome. For 2.99 you get 75 or 78 of them and that's a really good deal will definitely repurchase these.

I'm not a huge fan of TidePurclean I don't like the smell or the way it washes my clothes will not repurchase or recommend.

The 100% compostable K-cups were wonderful I love the idea of taking care of the environment I hate wasting all those plastic cups. The coffee taste great this will be a repurchase for me for sure

Through the influenster app I had to check in my box and it gives you a check list of things to do to unlock your VoxBox and Brand badges. This part has been super fun

So far I'm really enjoying the influenster app and my first VoxBox can't wait to see what comes in the future

I received all of these things from influenster for product sampling for free all opinions are my own. If you haven't already download the influenster app for free so you can test and review products for free.

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