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So I got my very first VoxBox  from influenster this past Friday

Upon opening the box I found a Back 2 School notecard. The notecard has information on all the products in the box such as there social contacts and #'s.

The box contains the following,

Two Pilot G2 inkpens one black one blue Plackers  micro mint Plackers fruit smoothie swirlTide purclean honey lavender laundry detergent samples x2A coupon for one free CountryCrock Butter Two coupons for free Land O Frost Deli Snackers Three samples of 100% compostable K cups Kauai, ChockFullONuts, and Hills Bro  It also included $1 off coupons for each of the coffee and $3 off tide purclean for target

So far I have been checking out all the items in going to cash in my coupons today but I have already tried the butter and it's been in my go to for over 20yrs and the Deli snacks my kids already enjoy as an afternoon snack the only thing I wish the Deli snacks also came in turkey as one of my daughters is allergic to chi…
With in the last month I have signed up for influencer. It’s a place that sends you products to try and give your honest reviews. You can download the app or get online.
So far my first impressions are great I signed up using my Facebook. You can sign up by using your email as well. From there I took a survey about myself of things I use or like. Then next step was to link your accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogger, YouTube ect. The more people you know or the more accounts you link it raises your infuenster score. 
You earn badges by reviewing products and answering questions about stuff you have used or want to know more about. You can create lists such as my monthly favorites. Making the list is so easy you type in the product them add the picture that will include information about the product. 
You will see a spot for snaps and campaigns this is where you take surveys to see if you qualify for a voxbox (box of free goodies to try) if you qualify you will …